Vision in White – Nora Roberts #BookReview

How I came across this book? Well, Goodreads recommended this book to me, knowing that my prurient hormones would come to life on reading this romantic 140 page story.
Well, jokes apart, I’m really glad I selected this book as #Book11 for the #BrunchBookChallenge by Hindustan Times Brunch. Read on to know why.
The summary of this story goes like this. A group of four besties, Mackenzie (Mac), Emmaline (Emma), Parker and Laurel run a very successful wedding planners establishment. Parker is the brain behind the business and the one who tackles cheating best men and weeping brides. Laurel is the gourmet wedding cake designer, who makes sure the cake looks as good as it tastes. Emma handles the traditional and customary brides’ bouquet and other flower arrangements for the big day. And Mac, the heroine of our story, is the  genius behind the camera, capturing moments which can be viewed with nostalgia even as the wedding ring turns into a golden anniversary ring.
Now comes the hero of the story, Carter Maguire, holding a PhD degree from Yale University. His sister, Sherry is the one in need of the services of Vows (the marriage planner establishment). He meets Mac in a rather awkward way. Let’s just say that if I write down that particular incident, Blogger would block my account. *grins. And then the love affair continues, albeit in a slow and charming way, giving the readers a glimpse of Mac’s and Carter’s past. The story ends in a way that leads the reader to understand the meaning of love as well as the need to step into someone else’s shoes while wearing your own socks.
The character of Mac has been portrayed amazingly by Nora, showing just the right amount of her past at the perfect time during the course of the novel. Carter Maguire, I’m damn sure, has got many hearts racing. Of course, who wouldn’t fall for a nerdy looking teacher, who’s as sweet as a cotton candy floss? Me included!
I feel what sets this book apart from other love stories, is the amazing friendship portrayed between Parker, Laurel, Emma and Mac along with the main story. They are business partners, all willing to pitch in and help out in daily chores, ready to listen to each other bitching about their life problems and yet they manage to retain their individuality. And when they set off in a limousine to party the night out.. Aaahhh, it got me calling my girl gang and planning an evening out too! (Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to push myself and pull my besties into the poshest clubs in Mumbai considering my age! And the pocket money limit!)
All in all, it’s a great read if you are the type of person who shelves “Me Before You” and “A Walk to Remember” and “Three Wishes” on your “To-Read” shelf on Goodreads. There, I recommended some books for the Challenge now! This is the only book belonging to the genre of Romance, that I have been able to read till the end, without puking my way to near-death.
Also, since today is International Women’s Day, all you #SuperWomen out there, read this book! I mean, the sheer determination of these gals to start a business, propagate it and still be the best in town, it’s awe inspiring! And it’s hardly gonna take much of your time!
So kick those shoes off, all you fabulus women! Give the kitchen a break from your tireless cooking and your unhappy face. Throw that apron at some male member of your home! Put your feet up and relax, it’s your day! (All you men folk, don’t wait for my International Men’s day blog post! :-P)
 So, I end by recommend this book to you, my fellow bibliophiles! Do read this book and if you already have read it, the comments section is yours to fill! It would be great if you could share some amazing reads by Nora Roberts and other authors on this page too!
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Keep reading! Keep recommending!
~Out-of-my-Potter-days Bibliophile!

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