A gals squad day out!

This post is dedicated to the “MT idiots” WhatsApp group! 😛
I’ve written this post, because you people requested me to! Now, don’t tell me that I’m being prudish. I’m just giving you credit for inspiring me to write this blog post!

So, it was my bestie’s b’day on March 5th and since all of us were tied down due to exam commitments, we just did the usual 00.00 calls and messages, group icon changes, bombarding her WhatsApp screen by wishing her a Happy Birthday on all groups, etc etc. And then we planned this evening out as a day to celebrate! I can really tell you, we did not even realize the auspiciousness of this day as we planned it!

Surprisingly, we all touched Churchgate station at 4 in the evening, as planned and on time. And then at a leisurely pace, we set out towards the haven and haunt of all HRites: Marine Drive. The debate about whether we should have an ice-cream before we settle down by the sea-side was conducted on the way there. Finally, sense prevailed as we realized that it was too sunny to take selfies! And so we make our way to Naturals, having a spoonful of each other’s Cranberry, Choco Cream, Coffee Walnut and Tender Coconut ice-cream.

Feeling refreshed, we cross the road and land up on the right side of the Queen’s Necklace (double entendre intended). And then the selfie session starts. Basically, I’m the only one who’s phone is handicapped in the front camera section. so I end up relying on everyone else’s smart phone (Hate you, Lumia 630). I also take two decent enough selfies with my back camera, in which me teeth look like those of the saber-toothed tigers.

We end up walking towards Girgaum Chowpatty, and then our tummies throw up hunger tantrums. We again debate about whether we should settle for some “chana chaat” from the roadside stalls or having some heavy dinner in a restaurant. And then, one quick glance at our purses help us make the second choice. Some Schezwan noodles and Spcl. Cheesy Pizza are ordered and quickly gobbled up as we chat about all the idiots in our classes! Lol, that’s what a gals day out is for: bitching about other people’s lives!

And then, the excitement continues as we board the train at Charni Road Station. We start taking pics of each other with half-empty bottles (me looking like a person involved in a bar brawl), And then, as the train enters different stations, we give each other a farewell kick out of the door (hyperbole) and decide who has to post which pic on which social media site. I have been given the responsibility of documenting each and every silly moment of the day.(I hope I did a good job!)

Seriously, we should meet up more often. But if this gets too repetitive, the joy of meeting each other and catching up would seem diluted. Anyways, having this sort of a bash on some group member’s birthday is fine. After all, we are FYJC’s with limited cash inflow! 😛

Surely had the best gals-day-out with my “idiots”! Love you all so much!

P.S.: My birth-date is 17th October, just in case you people forgot! (Just kidding)

~Fun Loving Fabulus!


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  1. ak ™ says:

    Looks like you guys, I mean girls had a great time.

    Oct 17. That's pretty much evident from the title, 1710 – 17th October.


  2. Ya! Who said guys can have all the fun? We gals are no less! 😛
    Yep, I know my birth-date is pretty much prominent on all social networking sites, but I need to highlight it to my friends, just in case they forget to give me a birthday treat! 😛


  3. I'm pretty sure you had a great time and it does get reflected from your writing. Probably you should start with a book of your own compiling all these incidents which woud give immense pleasure to your readers.


  4. Yeah! That's a great idea.. I can already imagine the name of the book: “The Mindless Activities of @Fabulus1710: A Compilation” 😛
    Jokes apart, I am going to continue documenting my experiences.. as I have already done in the “Santa” blog post and “A Madhy Affair” blog post! Did you read them?
    Thanks for your amazing feedback, Aishwarya!


  5. Hale Saaw says:

    Seemed to have a really good day, cool idea for a post by the way!
    Aleeha xXx


  6. Yup! I'm a lifestyle blogger, inspired by the things that happen in my life daily! Thanks for the feedback! 😊


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