Burn Up those Synthetic Colours!

The colours of life can be found everywhere!

Holi, a festival of colours, awaited by all! For anxious board exam candidates, a gentle sprinkle of water from a ‘pichkari’ can serve as an ointment for their imagined headaches and panic attacks. All the seasoned mischief-mongers gear up with mini plastic bags to do a recon of their kingdom and figure out the best location to hit an ingénue belle passing by! DJ’s get all the latest songs under one track to keep the musical atmosphere as coloured as the physical one! All over, it’s a joyous occasion for the ones calling the ‘pichkari’ shots and the ones who decide to observe from the bedroom balcony (me included!) But there are certain things we need to be careful about, as we go about our once-in-a-year merry making..

First of all, make sure you use natural colours and not those synthetic ones. They may be cheaper, more appealing to the eye and effortless to procure and consume, but it is an unacceptable risk. I wouldn’t want to get into a long discourse about the effects of different components of synthetic colours on each and every part of your body. No. There are a plethora of articles that you can gain access to by relying on Google mama. Just give me a chance to change your mind.
Would you prefer buying colours quickly from a shop as you run home from work  and then just play with them? Or would you prefer taking some time off and preparing coloured water at home with your kids and family members? And in the process spend some quality time with them?
Would you endanger the life of that stray dog passing by, who has no idea whatsoever about why everyone has gone cucking frazy painting each other red? Or would you try and ensure that he too can enjoy, frolicking around in the pools of collected water, protecting his fur and skin from unwanted damage?
Would you want to rub your eyes till they get so bad you spend the rest of the day at a doctor’s clinic/hospital? Or would you try and play Holi in a safe manner and enjoy till the sun goes down?
Would you fill mini plastic bags with dirty water, eggs and other things you wouldn’t consider smearing on your own face and throw those bags on a passer-by? Or would you walk by your neighbours, smear a little ‘gulal’ on their face and wish them the happy greetings of the season?
Would you, all-in-all, take up this challenge of going people-friendly and eco-friendly this Holi? Or would you still stick to the same old rotten ways of celebrating Holi, ways which only people who seem to get a perverse pleasure from hurting others understand?
Really, I don’t care about the number of page views I get from this blog post. I only hope that you readers end up changing your ways. Get your kids and younger siblings to understand the futility of playing Holi in a way that harms others. You might counter my views by saying that you have not been affected till date. But the future is unpredictable. It’s better to stay safe then cry about something that you could have changed in the past.
I don’t wanna end this post on a serious note! Or else you would get a misconstrued idea of Fabulus being a “strict-teacher-in-the-making”! This ‘Holi’day, make sure you spend time with your loved ones.. Make sure you truly enjoy the change in the seasons and make sure you have the time of your life gyrating to all the latest filmi tracks!
Stay safe! Stay maximal crazy! Stay alive!
~The Tinted, Water Sprinkled Specs of Fabulus1710


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