Things That Light Up The Happy Fuse : Part 1

“Gather the crumbs of happiness, and they will make you a loaf of contentment.”

Here’s a humble attempt at compiling some Happy Moments in my Fabulus life.. Some of them might be cheesy and downright melodramatic, but hey, I never said I’m not a Drama Queen! 

Let’s start with the wacky ones first!

  • Getting retweeted by your favourite boy band! (Thousands of girls wait for this day more than the day they are to be wed XD)
  • When the 5 mark answer you studied thoroughly features in the exam question paper for 10 marks (This is like hoping that you get a glimpse of a stray choco chip in a pure vanilla ice-cream.. In fact only the opposite is possible!)
  • When your phone falls, but it doesn’t break (Nokia Lumia 630 rocks!)
  • Spelling “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” correctly in the search engine bar! (or any other long word for that matter.. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!) 
  • Getting an application on the Windows Phone app store (still waiting for snapchat.. *sighs) 
  • Aiming a waste paper ball at a dustbin and scoring a goal (Slam dunk, mahn! :-P)
  • Realizing that your friend likes the same fiction hero! (Harry Potter a.k.a. Daniel Radcliffe xoxo)
  • Having your favourite chocolate icecream as flavor of the month at Gelato’s (Double bonanza!)
  • Crossing the road to find that the bus is just arriving at the bus stop (unquestionably, something all Mumbaikars can relate with.. It seems like the bus eludes us just when we want it!)
Enough with weird.. Now it’s something that all music lovers can relate to.. read ahead..
  • Finding the name of that catchy song you heard on the radio weeks ago (I remember the time I was hooked on to “Stereo Love”… Finally told my friend about it and she told me the name of the song!)
  • Listening to an old song, and remembering the lyrics.. Even when you last heard it five years ago (which one was that song now?…”Too Close” by Blue)
  • Listening to a song that so perfectly describes your emotions, you wonder whether the singer went through the same ordeal (“No Good in Goodbye” ~ The Script)
That’s it, ravers! Now for those hardcore filmy lover types,.. read ahead
  • Chatting with a friend for hours together, giving each other immediate blue ticks, not realising how time passes by.
  • Remembering old chats and the stupid jokes you cracked with someone you no longer chat with (This usually makes people nostalgic and all.. but it always makes me happy thinking about the good old times)
  • When you tell your friend to like your fb posts, favorite your tweets and heart your insta posts and he/she does it in a trice (this is the best for attention-hungry people like me!)
  • Finding a friend to talk to when you are in a new place and can see no one familiar in radar (First day of college.. *weep ..That’s the downside of being the only one to score above 95% in your school in the SSC boards)
  • Coming home tired and irritated and noticing that there’s a hot bath ready, piping hot dinner ready to be served and a warm well-made bed to roll into (Thanks, mom! :*)
Two of my personal faves are:
  • When you are reading a novel, and find a quote that makes you feel like you have found a solution to a problem you are facing
  • Getting your first comment on your blog
Stay tuned! Stay happy! Stay fab!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. This is the link to my Facebook page.. You can participate in the contest there too!


  2. Totally identify with about half of those… rest make me feel a generation older… sigh!


  3. Haha.. I'm sure you must have walked down memory lane reading this post! Happy to bring some happiness to your life! 🙂


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