The War of Love

They say love is the only solution to peace. I beg to differ. The road to true love is not peaceful, at least not for all. How? Scroll down.

Let’s assume a scenario. And some imaginary names. Just for the record, I am specifically concentrating on love between lovebirds, not fraternal or sisterly or parental love.

Jake likes a girl Jane. But Jane does not like that guy. Jake crosses  all seven seas and does everything to please her. Tries to gain her affection. Chats with her daily. Sometimes stays awake all night waiting for her to reply to his texts. Adapts his music tastes to hers. Likes the genre of movies she likes. Writes songs for her. Yet she does not reciprocate his feelings.
Who does Jane like? No one. Who can Jake not live without? Jane. A crazy lover like him, he will never have true peace in his heart till he holds her hand and says those three magical words to Jane. He will still not experience true bliss. Because she must accept his proposal with happiness in her heart. Does Jane get this? Yes she does. Why does she ignore him then? For the heck of it. Or maybe she has a legitimate reason for ignoring this lover boy’s flirtatious behaviour.
Now, is there peace in Jake’s heart? I don’t think so.

Lets assume a new scenario. Of course with new characters.
Matthew likes a girl by the name Jessica. But Jessica likes a guy called David. David fancies Rita who has a crush on Matthew. In this situation I will assume that none of them know each others feelings for each other. Now in this whole rigmarole, even if one of them approaches the one they truly love, it will be hell for the opposite person. If by some miraculous divine intervention, David starts having feelings for Jessica and Matthew figures out that Rita likes him, all will be well on earth and heaven high. But till the time all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place, it’s gonna be pure torture.
Where is the peace now?

And what about the sacrificing lover? Say, Arianna is a girl who likes Kevin. But Kevin likes her bestie Michelle. Kevin unwittingly approaches Arianna for help and asks her to help him gain Michelle’s affection. The self-sacrificing, peace loving lover that Arianna is, she agrees to help. And in this drama, she eventually loses all hopes of getting Kevin. But deep down in her heart, those feelings will never die. She may smile outwardly when she sees the two of them together. But inwardly, she is crying, buckets.

And then there is also the post-marriage drama.. Maybe the physical attraction does not match up with the mental capability. Or maybe the ideals and goals of the partners clash. Either way it’s hell to try and break loose now. Some might end up swallowing the pain and struggling through life, some might turn to the high spirits, some might choose to be unfaithful, while the few daring ones might call it quits.

Till the next post,
~ A fabulus demigod..

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