A ‘Madh’y Affair!

Imagine a scenario where a commerce student is trapped in a conference room full of doctors. Can’t? Read further:
Actually, you would be able to experience this if you have a sister who is a doc. (*wink)

The Catholic Medical Guild of St. Luke’s organises an annual picnic every year, and this year my adorable elder sister thought of tagging me along for it. The picnic spot booked was The Retreat, Madh Island. I’ve never been there, so the amateur photographer in me was itching to get a good click of the wonderful picturesque scenes. Packing up my bag and baggage I got ready to hit the sand along with my sis.

The bus journey was peppered with some chit-chat as my sis and I had a lot of catching up to do. The bus journey in the morning was just fabulus.. Cool wind blowing through my hair (at least until my sis swapped places with me) and the perfect disconnection from WhatsApp was truly blissful.

Finally we reached the place, and kick-started the day of enjoyment and rest with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. After some amazing coffee and cocoa biscuits (I WANTED TO CARRY THE CHEF HOME!) we headed towards the play area, a grassy area managed by pelicans (they were all over the place!)  As usual, the team I was in won! (we were team ‘one’ after all (pun intended)!)
Then we broke up for lunch, me unwittingly walking past the non-veg buffet table (*weep) and attacking some Penne Pasta and Hakka noodles. But then I kept my ears and eyes open when it came to dessert! Mahn, I actually went hunting for the kitchens!

Coming back to the question I asked initially: What was my experience like? And the answer goes like this.. First of all, I don’t feel privileged when I’m asked this question when my sis is around, ” Who’s the doc?” I mean, people, grow up. A person’s height is not directly proportional to their educational qualification. #Sarcasm

And then comes lunch table conversations; most uninteresting unless you have been helping your sis prep up for her CET, undergrad final exams and PG-CET and the postgrad finals. The conversation flitted from radiology, to portable sonography machines, to the budget of the event (which the docs  quite obviously made a complete mess of). Finally, an interesting spot prize which required all of us to figure out the flavour of the ice cream took the conversation to seemingly safer waters. Unfortunately my cultured palate couldn’t figure it out! (FYKI, even many well-travelled, hundreds-of-conferences-attended docs couldn’t figure it out)

The games continued and my winning streak just got better and better. After bagging the full housie (first time ever) some group events were conducted in which our team was victorious again. Woohoo!

But these games were all a frivolity, a required frivolity. Since it got all of us to speak up, mix around and show off our talents. Didn’t find many people of the same age-category as mine. I had a blast mingling with docs and dentists (I’m used to dentists, so that’s nothing new)

Overall, a great experience. I might not be able to score a double whammy by going next year, but I’ll truly cherish these memories.

As I’m listening to Massari as I draft this blog post, I’ll parodize some lyrics:
“If my life was a dream, could I spend it at The Retreat?
I could dance to the sound of the wings of pelicans everyday!”

I know it’s lame, yet..



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Usha Menon says:

    Enjoyed reading about your great leisure.May your dream for a leisure trip to Retreat come truee soon. .


  2. Yeah! I wanna go back soon! 🙂


  3. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Mithila, you are too good, babe! 😀 I simply enjoyed reading about your picnic with your sis..
    *You didn't mind the “babe” part, did you? :))


  4. Thanks so much, Shilpa! Though I'm nowhere as good as you are, dear! 🙂

    No, I don't mind the babe part, but that's what my beau calls me.. So.. 😀


  5. jaibalarao says:

    Interesting Picnic this was, with all the food and delightful (:P) conversations about being doctors. But on a serious note, your description makes me want to go there for a picnic, maybe next weekend.


  6. I know right! The conversations were the highlight of the picnic!

    Me too! Even I wanna go there again!


  7. Chicky says:

    LOL! She actually took you along? She really is adorable! I'd have never done the same thing for my younger sis! 😛

    Were there any prizes for winning the full housie? I once won it during some get-together at my building here. One of the females named me “Chicky Full Housie” since then! 😐


  8. Haha.. She's not that adorable.. considering that she practically yelled at me when I tried changing the conversation topic to hospital management!

    The prize for Full Housie was a Tupperware dabba I take to classes now. Orange colour (I don't like orange. I tried bargaining for a blue one, but one stern looking doctor shooed me away)

    Chicky Full Housie! Bwahahaha.. That's too bad now! *rolls on the floor laughing* 😀


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