Have a Little Faith – Mitch Albom #BookReview

This work of non-fiction by the author of the international bestseller of “Tuesdays with Morrie”, is truly refreshing and inspiring.

It starts off with an out -of-the-blue request by a beloved rabbi to the author…”Will you do my eulogy?”. Although hesitant at first, the author takes up the task. In order to get to know the rabbi better, he started visiting the rabbi, at his home, office, trying to make use of the measured time he had with him.

However this measured time spans out to 8 years.. 8 years during which the author also gets acquainted with a Detroit pastor, with a murky past. The two stories are woven together in a wondrous fashion, the overall impact is heart warming.

Change in fashions, lifestyles, morality is depicted through the author’s words. The need to stick to the old way of life as well as the need to compromise on certain values is preached by the rabbi. The Detroit pastor is an example of what the rabbi and the author are trying to convey.

The eulogy might seem slightly repetitive, but the author’s view about the rabbi is truly fabulous.

140 character review:
A must-read work of non-fiction. Heart-warming, suitable for the fainthearted & also the ones who are tired of the pace of life.


Read this book if you are too tired of the action-paced life. Or if you are simply confused about the way you should lead your life. Trust me, it will be impossible for you to turn the last page of the book without imbibing some value from the words of the rabbit.


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