Live tweeting at SCMM 2015

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is something I have always wanted to participate in. But knowing that I’m not such a fitness freak and that I hate to lift my phone even when it rings (got text-to-speech enabled), I have never showed off my Nikes to the world. But this year, I did show off something. My tweeting skills. And my horrible snapping skills.

To begin with, let me tell you that live tweeting is no mean task. It’s the most liveliest, energetic and energy-consuming, recommended only for the indefatigable souls on Twitter. I took up the challenge. Woke up before the cock crew, taxied down to Girgaum Chowpatty, and strolled up and down the promenade in search of something wacky to tweet about. Of course, there were some basic updates I needed to tweet about. All of my tweets were branded with the hashtag #SCMM and #mumbaimarathon

For prep, I followed @runscmm the previous night. And in the morning, like an alarm, my email buzzed, saying that Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (official) had followed me back. That just served to motivate me to continue with my plan of live tweeting. The moment I started tweeting live, people all over Mumbai read them, and started spreading the word by retweeting and favouriting. Continuing on my way, I walked past Charni Road, Marine Lines finally reaching Pizza by the Bay and took a roundabout turn.

On the whole, this was the best experience ever. The best day of my life. And I look forward to further opportunities to live tweet in the near future. Coz, I just need a cup of adrenaline to get my life moving!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Parul says:

    Wow! That sounds fun! Come to Bangalore. We keep having events where you can tweet live.. 🙂


  2. Really! Amazing!
    I'll make sure to plan a trip to Bangalore when there are four -five events going on.. So I can get a complete high on tweeting! #TwitterAddict 😀


  3. I find it amusing actually that instead of running you tweet about it. Too bad proxy marathoners don't count for exercise! 😉 ❤


  4. Hahahaha. I hate physical exercise. I prefer finger exercise in the form of typing 😀


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