A bibliophile like me can never get enough of books.  My eyes search for words, and when they find them, they feast on it. Words can evoke emotions or destroy them. Words can bring back memories as well as imprint some new ideas on your brain. Therefore, it’s not difficult to comprehend why, right now, I’m in a very fulfilling relationship with my new Kindle Paperwhite. ❤

And when my bestie introduced me to the #BrunchBookChallenge by Hindustan Times Brunch, I couldn’t thank her enough. I had my Kindle. All I needed was new books to read, new authors to discover, new bibliophiles to share my thoughts with. And so I joined many other reading enthusiasts, on their journey to read 30 books this year. I could pick up a best-seller or a graphic novel (not that I relish them). The best part was I could read e-books too! I immediately took up the challenge on Twitter (my handle @Fabulus1710).

The first book I read for the challenge was my old favourite “The Book Thief”. It was the first complete novel I had read at the age of 13 (after I grew out of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Enid Blyton) Liesel Meminger is my inspiration to write.. she wrote her first novel at the age of 15 (at least in fiction). And I’m still struggling to put down in words the wonderful idea in my head!

The second book is really amazing for so-called misanthropists: “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”. Being one myself, I can recommend this book to you! It’s a fiction story that does not transport you to a fairy land; instead it pulls you down to earth. A book with gravity, I must say!

The third book I have started reading today is “Assam and Darjeeling”. You will like it if you are a fan of Greek Mythology. The e-book is available at the official website.

Next up, I would love to read “The Lost Symbol” ~ Dan Brown , and “When Beauty Tamed The Beast” ~ Eloise Midgen.

An earnest request to my Twitter followers, Facebook friends and blog readers: Take up this challenge, and look at the way words turn this 2015 into a year you will never want to forget. Lemme know about the books you will be reading. We can all encourage each other to keep reading! You can tell the world about your progress on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #BrunchBookChallenge. Don’t forget to mention @HTBrunch (on Twitter/Instagram) and Hindustan Times Brunch (on Facebook). Post proof i.e. pics. Share your favourite quotes.


Let the words intoxicate you. Paint the town red. Happy reading!



If you're here, you might as well make your mark. This is true for your place in the world, and your presence on my blog. Go on, comment away!

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