Mom told me to write a letter to Santa, sooo..

Dear Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and my sweetie Kitty,

Just received your Christmas gift! It took my breath away- the all new 3G Kindle Paperwhite wrapped in generous packaging, all ready to pull me into its bright white reading light. Yelping with joy, I tore open the wrapping (hyperbole, cause I don’t think I would ever unwrap gifts in a haphazard fashion) and pulled out the best-ever reading device. And just stared at it. Just stared. Until my mom brought to my attention, the very thoughtful message on the cover. Surprising, I didn’t see a piece of writing standing right in front of my face, especially when I’m being gifted an e-book reading device.

It read:
Congratulations Mithila on your outstanding performance in the SSC Exams & on accomplishing so many feats in your life!! We wish you all the love and blessing, as you blossom into the real world creating an example for all to follow!!

Really heart-warming and touching! But the gift touched my heart more!
I’m still figuring out how to operate it.. Reading up some articles on the Amazon website, checking out the Dummies guide book (Yeah, the 95.40% scorer admits she is a dummy!)Right now, it’s stocking up on juice. The Amazon account has to be made. Dad will do the honours, I guess!


But I will conquer this mountain, in no time, and get back to my hobby (since the Enid Blyton days)
This Paperwhite can help me read on the go, cause I’m out of the house 60% of the time. Carrying a paperback is cumbersome, because of the Accounts textbooks I have to carry. But this light-weight Bantam weighing approx. 200 gm, is a reader’s delight.
Can’t wait to read the Harry Potter series on my Kindle!
Thanks Santa for gifting me the joy of reading!

Yours lovingly,

P.S. Santa you’re inspiring someone to work harder, actually two people, no three! If you know what I mean! 😉



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  1. Parul Thakur says:

    What a lovely post! I have been thinking of a paperwhite but not able to make up my mind. Your post got me back to the joy of owning one 🙂


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