Business Lessons from Lord Voldemort

Say what you will, Lord Voldemort is the ideal businessman. Even though he failed in the end, did he not manage to create a spell of utter terror, right from the day he unleashed the Basilisk, till the day he cast his last Avada Kedavra?

Inviting you to look closer into this widely hated character.

52 Week High

Teenage years are the ones in which you learn and spew out a lot of stupid wisdom.
Here’s a (really long) poem, sharing some of my vague, yet fabulous thoughts.

And yes, happy birthday to me!🙂

M-m-million dollars!

Millionaires and fiction seem to go very well in the same sentence, right?

*sheepish grin*

Presenting to you fabulus’s view on what she would do with the million dollars she got in her bank account yesterday.

Also, a new announcement up on the blog🙂

Hyde and Sick

Mr. Sick can come calling anytime. He doesn’t know that it’s your birthday or that you have an important meeting on the day he arrives. Yet, like a stubborn guest, he waltzes into your house, and disrupts every perfect plan and moment.

Here’s a story of how Mr. Sick entered Nina Hyde’s life and, well, did the job he’s best at doing.